Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Setting Router COREGA CG-BARAA 100 V2

Setting Modem router Corega CG-BARAA 100 V2 with Speedy by TELKOM
Open the web browser IE/Mozilla and use address for into the corega's menu.
user : admin
password : 1234 (default)

First lookin the link Indicator if the link light is blink,look at the Advaced Setup
- ADSL - and change the ADSL Mode with " G.DMT " (default is "AutoSyn").

go into Interface Setup menu ( Interface Setup - Internet )

- find and change the VPI=0 & VCI=35 (for SPEEDY @east java)Corega default is 8&35.
- Enter Username and Password Speedy (important!!! User=152xxxxxxxxx@telkom.net, and
password is sencitive Key).
- click Save.

Now you can use ISP facilities to connect INTERNET.

Firewall router is OFF to best performance.

Light Indicator Router Modem Corega type CG-BRAA 100V2:
Power : the light must green and stay.
eth : Conection between Computer and Router modem
Link : the light must green and stay. it's Phone/DSL Line from speedy.
Internet : The light must green, it's show your username & password is true.

call me if you get the trouble or problem.


  1. saya pake modem corega juga, klo mo setting port forwarding dari ip publik luar ke dalam lewat ssh gimana ya?

    saya ud coba tapi koq g bisa aktif ya..??


  2. klo mo setting port forward dari ip publik luar masuk ke jaringan dalam lewat modem corega gimana ya?

    Lewat port ssh.